Army Learning.

I learned many things in my 22 years in the Military and there is one that I have with me today

Be Prepared For The Unexpected.

A valuable attribute that we should all think about but don’t, because us Humans think life will just be good to us.

Yes many things could be very trivial but still need a form of Action to deal with it.

When your feeling great and life can’t get any better is the most Dangerous time and this is when you should take a step back and think what could go wrong in my life that could change my life forever.

But we cannot predict the future so how do we know when the S..t will hit the Fan.

So the Restrictions are to be lifted and I can Honestly say I Worry what we will witness yes Happy people but the bigger picture could be worse than you can imagine.

Keeping any living creature locked up for long periods of time can damage it. But when released it feels freedom but that’s a Creature.

Do the same to a Human being and it has serous consequences, throw in total freedom to go anywhere at anytime. Then the small matter of the Deamon Drink and Drugs. Our streets were a dangerous place to frequent before we were locked away.

Releasing Millions of people that won’t give a damm what they do where they do it at anytime of day or night is Scary to say the least.

I know how hard controlling people is, after being in charge of 350 Soldiers on a daily basis, but they had Discipline instilled into them. And a Strict Code of Conduct that if broken would be dealt with Quick and they would learn by it.

So if we talk about the Government releasing over 60 Million People with no Rules in place and No Police to control it, then I only see massive problems we have witnessed before but on a Scale we have never seen before.

So this could be called the Expected.

I do hope I am wrong but for some reason I dread it. And what will happen if another Misterous Virus suddenly eppears.

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