1You Don’t need To Pay For Software

Photo Editing

Windows, Google, software. Snapspeed or Pixlr, and many others that are free can do the job when it comes to thinking about editing your snaps, images, pictures, photographs, digital image, capture.

I edit a image everyday of the week and after years of paying for software I have noticed something very important that the photographer is not told by the Big Software Manufacturers.

Technology has come a long way from when I started photography in 1975 and today the principles of capturing a good image haven’t change, but the camera has.

After using all the big names in Photo Editing and paying thousands of £s I can say with confidence that if you get a camera today and go out with it it on Auto you will get a great image of some sort.

So if that image is in focus and has all the things you wanted to capture in the photo why do you need Softeare. Today you can send your image out in the field or country straight to your phone and post it all within a couple of minutes.

I think that is a true image captured by you and not messed about with on your phone, laptop or tablet.

You can Crop in your gallery or even Crop in your camera like my Fuji XT30. It even gives you an option of a preset. Natural Golden Hour Black and White and so on.

But it is the Norm as we say here in UK to have a Brilliant All Singing All Dancing Editing Software that you can remove a branch or wire out of the image with the touch of a button.

Say that was my image then it would get Deleted.

What the Software Manufacturers are not telling us is that Processors are so advanced now that the image can be Processed in Camera with no need of Waiting to get home and playing about with the Image until you have created a Fake File.

Ask yourself some questions and answer Honestly:

  • What are you trying to achieve
  • Are you just doing it for fun
  • Is it a hobby.
  • Who sees the image
  • Do you like it.
  • Are you doing it to show on Social Media.
  • Do you want negative criticism
  • Do you want lots of comments
  • How many likes can you get.
  • Have you dedication and passion for photography.
  • Do you know the Exposure Triangle.
  • Will you print off your images for your wall so you can see what you took.
  • Do you have to have the best Tripod
  • Do you have to have the Best gear.
  • Have you researched what makes a good photographer.
  • How does the Rule Of Thirds work.

There are many more questions you could ask yourself. Will you continue to perfect your skill for years to come because you get get satisfaction from your photographs.

At the age of 13 I picked up my camera and took it everywhere around the globe. So 46 years later I still have my Camera next to me ready for any action I can capture. Its not in a fancy bag collecting dust. It doesn’t hide away to keep nice and clean. It’s my Tool of my trade that has given me amazing images that I can write about for people to enjoy.

One thing I have learned is never say your a Good Photographer, let other people tell you, and when they do you will know your Good.

So why did I write this, well as the few people I talk to and help will know is I like sharing my knowledge of anything that will help other people. I learned the hard way why should other people have to when I have Worn The Shirt.


This is a file taken from my camera. Just cropped in a free software program on my phone.

Jpeg file just cropped.

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