Make Sense Of This.

Our Broadband monthly bill is £29.70 for 27megabytes per second.

So I phoned them and said I was leaving for a better deal.

Without any questions she said I could start a new upgrade today so I said how much would the upgrade be and what are the benefits.

How does £26.00 per month sound for 70megabytes.

Just do it.

So in 15 minutes I had a new contract for less and more than double the speed.

Thank you to a lovely lady called Emma.

1 Comment

  1. It’s one of my biggest annoyances that the internet/tv/phone service providers all operate on the same method: offer good deals to attract new business, but never let on to the current customers unless they’re about to cancel.
    That’s not to say people shouldn’t be proactive enough to shop around and to ask for better from their current providers. It’s more that it shouldn’t take me calling them to say ‘hey I’ve been your customer for 5 years and the new guys are paying less than I do!’
    Then again, I live in Canada where there aren’t many decent options. It’s a little bit of a corporate oligarchy here.


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