Watermark Your Snaps

Mark Smith is a fantastic photographer who I get tops off on YouTube. He let’s you into how he sets his camera up. No fancy charts or comparison just honrst true field test of camera’s and Lenses.

I recently visited one of his videos on Sony A7r4 but before he started he inform everyone that he had images stolen on line as they had no Name on them.

I to am not really bothered you downloads my images and tells people there what they took as it gives me a boost to know there being used because there good.

So know I put my name on the bottom corner with a nice colour to blend in with the image background.

It was then that I came across 2 software programs that are free from Playstore. I also think there available for Windows and Apple users.

You can edit them quick with a very easy interface that you can edit without anything to fancy.

It has a nice Insert Text application that can be shared when finished to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.

You need to look for Pixlr and Snapspeed.

Hope this helps and if you need any advice how to use them message me.

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