When the Day is so Lou Reed.

In company with people that you class as Natural understanding and Special is such a lovely feeling. I am so Glad in 1985 a young lad crossed my path and years later gives me hug like a Brother I no longer have.

It could be 10 minutes an hour but time is not important its the connection between two people that brings a joy that’s hard to put into words.

Then you part and a song comes on my playlist in my car that my brother said he heard that morning. A smile comes to my face followed by a small tear drop rolling down my cheek. A tear drop filled with Happiness of our Bond for one and other.

My Beautiful wife greets me with my dinner, my other beautiful lady comes and sits on my shoulder and looks into my eyes as if to say did you have a nice time Dad.

The Sun comes out so i go for a walk with My Ruth, talking about life we turn a corner but George Micheal is no where to be seen. Just a Council Tree Surgeon. Lying in a pile are stumps of wood, once a tree 🌳 one that was there long before I moved to the area. A tree that has many a Story to tell.

Without any hesitation I walk over and introduce myself and that could I give the tree another life. One that will bring joy to the Wood Carvers hands. Then stand with pride on a Shelf for a young child to talk to and play with in her dolls house.

You could say it was a


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