Get to know your gear

After reading many articles on the A7r4 I new this camera was the one for me and you have to balance the positive with the negative when reading reviews. So why is it so good.

If you concentrate on one subject then like I do which is birds in flight and take that camera out 5 to 6 times a week over a 12 month period then you get to know what it can do and there is not a lot it can’t.

I hear things all the time about A9 and A9ll about tracking but it’s fine having lightning tracking and 20 frames a second but its using it. You could say its like giving a Racing Car to a learner driver, he or she would not be able to handle it without hours and hours of practice.

The problem today is that we are told the camera will do this and that but its only the user that can make that camera work to its best. Picture the scene, you look outside and see the Sun shining, so you pick the camera up and fit the 200-600 with the 1.4 extender on. Drive a short distance to a lake where there is lots of flying birds.

You park up and using the camera handheld having the equivalent of 840mm Full frame reach, you see a Male and Female Mallard flying right to left. Your settings are Jpeg Extra Fine f9 Shutter 1/2500 ISO 1600 Zone Focus Multi Metering.

You fire of a burst of 10 shots and every single one is in focus, would you be a happy bunny. Yes I have written about the A7R4 200-600 before and will keep on writing about it because its a great camera for me and my wildlife photography.

So it’s fine saying that and I bet your reading this and saying we’ll its OK saying that there all in focus but where are they. Below are the original images from the Camera.

It’s not just the fact that the camera kept focus but the fact that I can now crop in with 51mp Jpeg and still come away with a very good printable image any photographer would be proud of.

Below is a quick edited image of one of the set.

Sony A7R4 200-600 1.4 ext

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