Delete To Continue

Having written 695 blogs since August 2020 I feel the need to delete posts that I consider not important to my blog, in the early posts I would just write and post images just trying to keep or get more followers but what I did write did have some relevance to either my life stories, the Army or my love for Photography.

Looking back through my posts is interesting and how my grammar and expression has his improved over 8 months. So deleting them was the only way of continuing my blog and after a week at looking at other offers from Wix, Godaddy, Squarespace, and other sites it became apparent that I would have to start from scratch again.

Not knowing if my early blogs from last year will be read iwas hesitant to delete them but but to keep the wheels turning and continue with wordpress I felt it the only way ahead. Yes I could spend another £200 on a Buisness Package just doing the same thing.

I could just stop but by writing everyday helps me with my illness that hides in my body and appears when I least expect it. So by telling my stories through my camera lens helps me so much and brings happiness and maybe a smile to some people.

So I will continue my blog and won’t give up after putting so many blogs together.

Had a bad day yesterday so loaded my best stic images that I had not edited of my Wonderful Friend the Barn Owl. Looking at her sitting feet away from me gives me so much pleasure. I want to thank her and hold her but I can’t.

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