Patience and Rewards

If I sit for 5 hours in a hedge or ditch,  the peace and quiet of the countryside brings feelings that you can’t describe. Waiting for long periods of time for the Barn Owl brings other little surprises. Waiting this day a little Wren came and sat next to me for a brief moment. The Robin pays me many visits and it’s like it is saying are you waiting for the Barn Owl.

I never go out hoping for a fantastic image, as i have learned that you cant rush nature or make things happen. even when you time when the Kingfisher comes in with a fish every 15 mins,  the time your ready the Kingfisher will go up river the other way.

You dont get Patience given to you it comes from loving the outdoors and having a love for animals of all shapes and sizes, birds of all species. Maybe hours of waiting in the forests of Bavaria for a enemy patrol and sitting behind a machine gun for 12 hours in the jungles of Guatamala help me when i left the Army.

The rewards i get from my bird photography are many and everyone is special. letting the public know about the behaviour and the life they lead is very important to my work as a photographer, and an image shows the beauty the behold.

Heart Beats As She Approaches

Many times when i see a bird i keep my camera  still and just watch the bird in its natural habitat. Just at the moment the Barn Owl comes into veiw is more like a dream i am in, the qiuetness is not broken by its arrival having the ability to fly in total silence.

Silence is Golden

So patience has its rewrads that only comes from my dedication to the work i do, i when you think you know everthing about a bird it will do something else i didn’t know it did. Lately i have left the Owl alone as its breeding season and i put the birds welfare first. These images are from 2 weeks ago and i just edited them today.

I will be visiting onece a week to see if the male is hunting at dusk just to put my mind at reat as i found 2 dead near to where the Barn Owl nests. There is one Female hunting and after speaking to the Owl experts was told this is normal behaviour for the feamle at this time of year.

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