Blackies Barn Owl Adventures

Great news this morning i went over in high winds to my location where the Barn Owls are located. When i arrived i had no idea what i would see at 7.30am on a wind gusting morning with a wind chill factor that made me shiver. I sat in a shaded location where i could observe any movement and after i drank my coffee i sat and watched a couple of Stock Doves going through their mating ritual.

Just as i was getting up i caught sight of a Barn Owl at the end of the small overgrown field on one post i had sighted weeks ago. Then to my surprise another Barn Owl appeared but it was very dark in colour. After an hour of observation i took some images from my car and another location more to see what sex they were and if i recognised them form the feather detail.

It is clear there both ringed and look very different to the ones i was filming the last 6 weeks, so they may be another pair, and could be using the nest box that someone has sighted.

The image below is the closet i have of a Barn Owl and if viewed on a big screen or good tablet you can see the markings on its feet and the talons look so sharp and clean. Its not good to see them out hunting through the day unless the male is bring in voles for the young so i do hope the they make it to breeding and have a family

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