A Blade of Grass

From green to brown from long and short, wet then dry, sharp to the touch, soft as i lay, new mown sweet smell a sign of Spring. I creep on my belly as i watch the enemy, lying on you staying perfectly still waiting for the Deer to come into veiw. Parting you as i look for daylight, the sign of a track as i follow the Brown Hare, wet gewdrops fall off you onto my boots as i walk. Your different shades as you create a beautiful jigsaw from above. Short long thick and thin, cuts from your edge sting, holding you between my fingers trying to make a duck sound. Running from my children as i hide suffering from hayfever. Lying with my new girlfriend looking up at the stars, moon and sun. Tucking you into my Helmet making me blend in with enviroment. Cutting you for so long every year, treating you in the summer and autumn. Making stripes on you like the old Wembly Stadium. Cleaning you from my Lawn mower wet and dry, making you into compost for the garden. Watering you to keep you alive, growing you on rooftops and sheds. Collecting you for hay for the animals, picking you to give to the horse. rolling down you as a child from the top of the hill to the bottom. Edging you to keep my borders neat. Looking for my lost pound i dropped, you grow in my gravel when the birds drop the seed. my first touch as a child, to my hole in the ground removing you neatly to make way for my box. watching you every weekend as my beloved City run all over you with a ball. finding a ladybug crawling up you. The summer of 76 and 2018 so hot you turned brown everywhere i looked, just needing a drink. I lay on you in Germany, Bavaria, Austria, Ireland, Belize, Maxico, Canada, Cyprus, Bermuda, Port Stanley, and many other locations. Your burnt under control to encourage growth, taken from the jungle in vast areas to grow money making materials. The Lapwing, Oystercatcher and many other species need you to nest and buld their nests. The Barn Owl hunts over you longer the better, never cut just wild. Voles, Rabbits, Hare use you as thier home to live eat and sleep. The Roe deer fawn hides in you when mum goes off to eat, the red fox runs through you with the chicken. Baby lambs jump high on you landing in soft lush green grass. Dairy cows eat you to produce milk, sheep keep you under control for the farmer. Your level for miles then up and down as the hills get higher but still you grow. On the highest mountains to the lowest streems you cover the earth with your beauty. I use you for my work as a photographer taking you for granted as i get another image so i mention you in my blog as a way of thanks. I prayed i would land on you when i jumped from the C130 Hercules coming in at 25 feet a second my boots touching you first, you were my landing ground so many times being kind to me never hurt. at 7 i dived head first and scored the winning goal landing on you smiling as they cheered. I ran across you in a brown sack, with an egg in a spoon, fell head first 3 legged. Putted my first golf ball with my dad. Crashed on you on my first motorbike, made a muddy patch on you in the summer holidays in Goal. Sat with my family having a lovely picnic blanket covering you just for a short time so you dont die. Pitched my tent on you beside Loch Linne in Scotland in 2007. I dug you up many times to make my trench, to make my garden better, always turning you upside down to help the soil. Layed you so many times when i was a landsacaper always worried you would’nt grow. Walked you into many house as you stayed on my boots. Found you in my mug of tea in the army. Handfuls put down my back as a child, thrown you in the air hoping the wind will catch you. Watch your blades move as the Pheasant or other bird makes its way towards me with my camera. Your on films and documentary’s and get mention little or not at tall. They have made you false of all different shades and thickness to make the human life easier, but you will always be my Blade Of Grass that has been in my life for so long and helped me in so many ways.


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