The New Feeding Station

As people will know I like to create the most natural feeding environment for the birds as possible. With us going back to our beautiful van situated in the middle of Silver Birch Rowan and Pine trees, its give me a new lease of life.

Ruth is excited just as much as I am, no illness or Hospital visits just enjoying life in the country like we did for the first 5 years. S

I always want the van to have a different look to the garden and more time to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet and the birds singing. So I have decided not to Wood Carv anymore just do my photography covering wildlife, landscape, Macro and portrait’s.

Knowing the species of bird we get at our van I try to feed them the best food and give them a helping hand throughout the year. I don’t really like the man-made feeders as the don’t do anything for a bird image, so using wood from the forest or from any source I can get my hands on I love being creative.

With a simple Hole make of Ebay and a Drill I have made a upright feeder for fat nuts and seed. The way I have drill the holes means that the food will stay dry and when empty can be used for the small birds to roost in or take refuge.

I have drilled them inside and gone deep and round inside but mostly downwards. The amount of food they eat is frightening so I have done lots so theyall get chance to eat. The Chaffinch Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Bullfinch won’t enter the holes like the Coal Tit, Nuthatch, Blue Tit and other Smallburgh so I am making a top feeder they can fly onto and feed.

It works for both the bird and the photography as when I site the feeder I make sure the background is nice, the light is good and in a place where the sun will cast light and shadows on the feeding station. This will give me a great chance of capturing some nice images for my blog.

So with 2 days to go before returning to our tranquil place in the Yorkshire Dales the excitement is building. Its going to be new adventure that will have many stories of our life and our special time together as we both grow older but more happier everyday

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