The Song Thrush

A familiar and popular garden songbird whose numbers have declined markedly on farmland and in towns and cities. It’s smaller and browner than a mistle thrush with smaller spotting. Its habit of repeating song phrases distinguish it from singing blackbirds. It likes to eat snails which it breaks into by smashing them against a stone with a flick of the head.

There is nothing better than hearing the Song Thrush singing from high on thee tree tops, it is here every year and feeds on the mossy ground around the site. This one was just up a short distance from our van. It is very friendly and when feeding on worms it’s distracted so you can get very close or if your lucky wait where you know it feeds and sit still and film it.

There are 2 pine trees in between the Silver Birch trees đŸŒ³and it nests in the same tree every year. The nest is situated at the very top where the Female sits and waits for the male to come in with snails and worms. I thinks its early for having young but that’s all I can think when I see it flying back and forth with food.

Not bad for our first morning and first walk out.

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