Day 3 Countryside Life

Started today with a nice walk a 6.30 along the lane and along bluebell wood, it was lovely walking alone listening to all the birds and spring lambs calling out over the fields and hills. I was really looking for the Roe deer who make more frequent visits to the fields at this time of year. There was a Brown Hare that broke cover and ran fast across the field but it was to far away for an image.

I came back and started painting the decking planters at the front of the van then i cleaned the gutters out, planted 3 big wooden mushrooms and repaired a wooden sunflower i carved 3 years ago that needs some colour adding to it.

After lunchi went out on my bike to the villiage of Burton and went down by the river. There is lovely little water fall wher i can sit and do some Crystal Ball photography. I also took my ND filter for the 23mm Fujifilm lens. I had great fun trying to make the river silky smooth, then i did some creative crystal ball photography on the river.

I am still very new to this style of photography but with some visits and more research i will get better i hope.

River Greta in Burton Fuji XT30 Fujifilm 23mm Lens
River Greta Fujifilm XT30 Fujifilm 23mm 1.4 Lens
Fujifilm XT30 Fujifilm 23mm 1.4 Lens Concept Variable ND Filter

There was a small opening just to the side of the small water fall so i positioned the camera as low to the water as possible and set it to timer mode 10 secs then took the the image. I like how the falls look really big but there tiny, also i like the bubbles at the front. i kept the aperture on f16 to capture foreground to infinity.

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