Sitting and Listening

It is 6 m and the water is running slow as the sun rises over Ingleborough. A little Tree creeper makes its way up a mossy branch just to my left. It is not aware I am there sitting waiting for the King of the river to make an appearance.

The Chiffchaf sits high in the tree above me calling for a mate. The male Mallard didn’t find a partner the year so it looks for food as I drink my tea.

The roots of the old tree dangle into the Greta like syphons sucking up the fresh water that comes down from the mountains. Will I see my second favourite bird, i sit where I sat 6 years ago and watched the young fledge.

I just heard the call of the Blackcap a lovely little bird, male showing his black cap and the female with her lovely copper coloured head.

I sip my tea and wait, its freezing but I do what I love and if the rewards are to be then that makes me so happy. But if I sit and the Blue Flash doesn’t appear then so be it. Another effort worth the the time, I will just sit in the glorious countryside next to the river and dream of the Kingfisher.

The smell of wild Garlic as I watch 2 little Wren’s chasing each other between the roots of the old 🌳.

An hour passes and my excitement fades, shall I move or sit and wait. Is the female still on eggs, if so the male won’t be hurrying to get fish or dragon fly for the young. The sun now shines down on the river, light great for the photographer.

The beautiful Grey Wagtail yellow breast and Long tail, it sits on the rock opposite me, then moves off quickly as I reach for my camera. A Collard Dove lands above me looking down as if to say are you waiting to take my picture.

Now the Chaffinch starts it morning song followed by the Robin. Across the field Belted Cows graze on the wet green grass, black rump white middle and black front.

I start to think was the rain we had back in March so bad it raised the river up just at the time the Kingfisher was choosing its nest site. If it was it will have moved down river where the bars are higher,less chance of flooding.

4 visits this week and no Dipper or Kingfisher sightings so it’s got o be late breeding I feel. It’s so quiet even at our van, birds still chasing each other looking for a mate. Or is it me just expecting to see what I see every year at this time.

To be continued.

River Tales by Blackie.

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