Day 7 Early 5am Dawn

Up made a cuppa and set off yo the Deer Hide, this is the one I built 5 years ago. The sites are amazing when they happen I nearly have 360 degrees to view. Built from Telegraph poles and using the old tree as an anchor it makes a great place to sit.

You don’t always see anything but sitting listening to the birds chorus is so peaceful.

Like anything you don’t put the hours in then don’t expect a fantastic image of anything. The saying The Right Time The Right Place is Wildlife Photography.

6.30 Sun just coming up

Side window Deer Hide

No sightings yet just the Male Pheasant and a Nuthatch calling. It’s still quiet for this time of year, then just as I was about to leave the most beautiful bird landed on the Hide window looked at me and started to fall the female.

The Redstart Male sat a foot away for 5 secs sang his song then flew off. That was so amazing I love the Redstart they turn up late April early May.

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