The Moors Sunday Evening

Took Al my mate up to the moors just outside Bentham, the light was not that good but what we saw made up for it. I took him to a spot where I know the Short Eared Owl hunts and you see Grouse, Curlew, Lapwing and Skylark, plus the Brown Hare.

We arrive and spotted 2 Curlew over a wall but they reacted to fast flying off. Then we walked down to another wall, then up in the sky I said look Al a Buzzard being chased by a Lapwing, followed by anther big bird. Only a Short Eared Owl.

Al’s face was a picture grinning and looking at his LCD on the A9ll, look Blackie he said Owl you were right. Up on the hill top breaking the natural hill stood a Grouse that I brought Al’s attention to.

With the light fading we headed back to where I thought the SEO would be and as we came across the hill a Barn Owl was hunting in a small valley running from left to right. It could not have got any better when I told Al that the Barn Owl won’t go that area as the SEO and BO don’t get on.

Anyway the BO went across the horizon with a vole and headed to my mates Barn that has a BO nest box in it, I sighted 4 years ago. I said to Al it will be out in less than 5 min and to my word it did.

It went to the place the SEO was and it happened the SEO came out from nowhere and attacked the BO but only both to go in different directions. The BO came back our way and disappeared over towards the barn.

What an hour up on the moors, such great times for Al who is learning all the time but more importantly time spent going something so wonderful with my mate.

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