The Wildlife Photographer

You get up early, 5.30 your out on the road hoping a bird or animal will make your day. The Pied Wagtail with its Tail never stopping. Yes it’s a small bird like the Grey Wagtail, and just as nice with great black and grey plumage. This one was collecting materials for her nest. And as I drove past it let me get close to it.

Pied Wagtail

Just as I put my camera down to drive I looked across to my left and a male Phesant stood proud on a grassy mound.

Male Phesant

I parked up and went to look over a stone wall and a nice Curlew was making its way across the field, the image was cropped heavy but still makes a nice image.


In the afternoon I went to the river and sat waiting for the Kingfisher but there were no sightings. So I got on my bike and went back to my van, but on the way back I was surprised by a Kestrel swooping down in front of me. I stopped my bike swung my camera round and got this image of it eating what ever it caught. Wings spread out to protect its kill.

Kestrel with kill

So I arrived back at my van sat down with Ruth and had a brew, as I sat there a Lessor Redpoll landed on my New feeder and I quickly got this image of the Redpoll eating the sunflower.

Lessor Redpoll


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