6 days at the river sitting waiting for birds to come and pose for me, everything i tried failed through my own fault not taking time to prepare and not waiting long enough in one spot. Yes i am 64 and when the odd stone is digging into your hip you start to move. Then the Heron spots me 4 times in 2 days just about to fish on the river.

So i got up and wnet to the river and thought i would wait hours again, but thats what is amazing about wildlife its the luck of the draw. Sitting down next to the tree i have chosen to film the Kingfisher i position my self checked my settings and focused on the branch that the Kingfisher had been sitting on yesterday.

it happened within 5 minutes, a Male Kingfisher with a small fish in its beak. Its a male because the beak is Black top and below where as the female has black on top and Orange below. They must be feeding the young as the fish it was holding was head first so when the baby gets in in the nest in pitch black it swallows it so the scales face backwards so they dont get stuck in the babies throat.

They feed in total darkness and what is unique abou the Kingfisher is that the young rotate round when fed so all the young get the same ammount of fish. They usually have 4 to 5 young and they are fed by both adults catching 100 fish a day to feed the young.

I was no where near the nest and i dont know where it is but if i did it is a protected bird and you cant film anywhere near the nest site. It landed for about 6 secs and flew up river.

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