When hard work pays off

So after 10 hours plus my day was filled with happiness when i went to the river this morning at 6 am and sat down and waited for the Kingfisher to make an appearence. Sadly i waited for 2 hours with no sight of the Kingfisher. When i was leaving the Dipper came out onto a rock.

The location was across the river in the sunlight but with no way of getting near enough it looked like i would have to leave it. Then i remembered i had bought some waders before i came up here. So i drove home and let Bella out, played with her and got hear fresh food ready. Ruth was still in bed after a bad night coughing.

I made my way back down to the Wenning and made my way across the river to where the Dipper had been sitting. I set up my camera and set the Video to 4K and slow motion just in case. I only had to wait 5 minutes when a little juvenile Dipper landed on a rock just in front of me so i filmed it then took some still images of it. The Adult also made an appearence before they both flew back down river.

Adult Dipper
Juvenile Dipper
Adult Dipper
Juvenile Dipper

I will be going back in the morning to see if any more Dipper young have fledged. Hope you enjoy the images and video

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