Day 16 Kingfisher Challenge

Well another afternoon sat in a heavy dencse jungle by the side of the river. As I walk towards my location the bird sounds are like a chorus of today is the day Blackie. The setup takes 5 minutes and I sit back looking at the branch that I have seen the King sit on.

The Blackcap comes close to me, checking me out together with 3 Blue Tits. There are birds everywhere on the river the Goosander goes by followed by the Mallard family only 2 ducklings left.

The river is so low, my camera is focused and ready so I poor a coffee and chill thinking to myself where will it land, will it be the male or female. Will it sit just right for me, will the fish or dragon fly be in the beak.

Is the light ok as it gets darker then lighter, using manual mode on any camera is hard as you have full control over the camera, no Auto settings. S o if the light changes you have to compensate for the change. That doesn’t sound a lot but as the light fades it harder to get a sharp image.

After 2 hours a dark cloud came over and the heavens opened, not knowing if the camera was weather sealed i took my Paramo jacket off and placed it over my camera. Sitting in the rain hoping the King stayed were he was and didnt fly onto the perch just above the water.

An other hour passed and the weather picked up a little so things looked good, and when 2 Kingfishers flew past i got ready for them coming back from fishing. That never happened they stayed away and it was back to watching the branch again for another hour. Then without warning the Rain came but this time heavy so i made a dash for the car and called it a day

Thats around 35 hours of filming with 3 good chances to capture a image of this fantastic bird, but still i look for the one that will look good enough for printing and place in a hand carved wood frame, to go with my White Tailed Eagle and Barn Owl.


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