Pushing The ISO

For as long as i can remember i have never liked noise in any image, its a bug bare that has spoilt many an image. But always keeping the ISO is very difficult and i thought by now there would be a Camera that could deal with very high ISO without having to worry about Noise a Grainy background that if you mess about with can spoil the image detail. So i got a bit fed up sitting on the river today for 3 hours waiting for the Kingfisher to arrive so i went back to my van and set up my camera at the back of the van.

Not knowing what reuslts i would get gave me some cause for concern so as i took some images of Goldfinch and Greenfinch i never looked at the LCD on the camera. I loaded a few into Adobe Lightroom Mobile on my Samsung Galaxy TAB7+ and was amazed at the image quality with hardly any Noise at all.

So i am very happy and i will play about a bit but what i see has given me a new playground to play in.

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