Making The Most Of The Day

O How Beautiful you are my friend

as i pull my weighted blanket back the cold of our static van hits my head and shoulders, quickly into the small bedroom to get my thermals on and warm green gear. I feel so relaxed in military clothing its not a reminder of the 22 years i served more a comfort feeling and one i can crawl around in while my body still lets me.

I never take anything for granted and know one day i wont be able to crawl along the forest floor or up a tree so i cant be seen. But as long as i can do it i will forfil my life of taking opportunities and making the day as interesting as possible. The van door opens and the freezing air hits my face, as i make my way down the track to my old haunts i first gazed eyes on in 2014.

Bluebell wood as i named it soon to become the nesting area for the Redstart, and Spotted Flycatcher and Tawny Owl. The nest boxes i put up are all in good condition and i will be visiting todya to see if any birds are using the boxes. The Old tree that was home to te Great Spotted Wood pecker has fallen so becomes homes for the wood mouse and insects.

The morning was quiet when i walked up a slight incline with grass and dew covering my way ahead. I looked up to see the face of my friend i see every year, we looked at each other for a second and i turned and walked back to give it freedom. The special moment is hard to describe i try and tell it your safe i wont harm you, i know it wont understand me but i do feel are meetings are one it will remember and i know i am no threat to it or its family.

I walk away and turn, its gone and i reflect another reason why i get up early, to my left movement catches my eye and the long Brown Ears with Black tips tells me its a Brown Hare startled by the Red Fox. Making my way into the woods i hear the Nuthatch and the Redstart. Its been an hour since i left the van so i ake my way back along the path making my plan in my head for the day ahead, i must visit the woods this afternoon and see what comes to visit me.

Up on a hill I stood

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