New Location

My Friend

Set up a new temporary Hide in Bluebell wood. I went back for my tea and returned at 18.45hrs.

As soon as I sat down a Brown Hare went past but I just watched it. Then within minutes a Red Fox went past so I changed location to film it coming back to the woods. It sat for me and I got a lovely 4k video. I moved away so it could get to its cubs.

Our second meeting.

Then I say back in my Hide and above me was a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers mating something I have never witnessed before. A Jay flew over then a Buzzard.

It could not have gone any better my first time in my new Hide but it did. I spotted 2 white Bums in the field opposite me and it was a Male and Female Roe Deer feeding on the grass.

Just noticed a Male and Female Mallard about 100 feet away I flushed them out today so they may have young down there. You never know what will turn up and being away so long and the woods so quiet the wildlife has got used to peace and quiet.

It’s that quiet I can the chomping on the grass behind me from the Lamb’s The light has gone so I will finish the writing and make my way back to the van.

Slowly I move out of my Hide and treading carefully I made my way along the path, only to be met by the Roe Deer eating the grass from the path edged

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