No Thoughts

This is not negative writing but a first for me and have to describe my feelings.

As readers know my mind play tricks on me and the latest is truly amazing, I have been living up at my static van in the countryside with my 2 Beautiful ladies, Ruth and Bella for 3 weeks.

I came home to our house yesterday and after doing what I had to do I sat down and for a moment I asked myself, why are you not thinking of anything at all. My head felt clear, clean, at peace, are can’t describe how it felt.

It carried on and I could not see my boat by the lake waiting for me to get in and row to the middle.

So I wake and for a second I look out of our bedroom window and see the sun come up, the feeling is still there.

A calmness in my head I wish I could save bottle and sell, so I had to write this as I feel so wonderful.


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