Living in Paradise

When i look outside and see the dull cloudy day it usually means a day in doors, but when you live in the country its totally different and my mind just fills with challenges i can try. Having trees grass woods streams and meadows filled with wild flowers just becomes a photo heaven for me.

Everywhere you look there is something of interest and having different styles of photography and having the lens and camera to take such a image is a great tool if you can call it that. So with this in mind i ventured out with 2 camera’s and a ND filter which can be used for all types of things but i wanted it to cretae a nice stream image with silky water. It is still something i need to work at but the scene was lovely so i tried a few shots.

The last image was taken using the Sony A7r4 with 61mp so to get the true colour image resolution and whole scene you should really see it on a HD Tablet or TV screen to see the pure beauty of it. I have it as a screen saver and its Stunning. Only downside to the world and image veiwing is that most people will see this on a 5 inch Mobile phone screen.

So i then triwd a few Bluebell images using the Sony 90mm Macro lens another type of photography that requires hours and hours of practice. Because of the magnification of the lens its very hard to get the whole subject sharp.

Bluebells with 90MM Macro Lens

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