4am Thoughts

Waking up with the sound of the little Robin outside the bedroom window, silver birch stood like soldiers no movement. Silent no wind or rain, peace fills the body and mind, a smile starts to make shape on the mans face as he realises what he has, thankful for the wonderful life that he lives. He sits looking out of the window his mind calm like a lake no ripple can be seen, his heart beats like the old bike he had slow but in time. The day is about to begin again another day, one that will be another achievement, to look after his flock the best he can, to make them safe and happy as he is, there needs come first and knowing this makes him happy to continue his day.

Will he rescue another Baby Lamb that is crying for its mum stood feet away and no body to help, it bothers him but freeing it gives him so much joy to see it run and head butt mum under her belly as it craves for her milk. Lifting the little baby bird from the road into the grass, filling the feeders first thing, he sits down with his beautiful Bella and gazes out at the Stunning male Bullfinch as it comes first for sunflower for its young that sing close by. Joined by baby Goldfinch, young Tree Sparrow and Greenfinch.

Bella sits on his shoulder and gently nudges his mouth, the communication between bird and man tells him Bella wants a drink so they walk to the get a drink, bows her head and drinks looking up after she drinks just like all birds do looking for danger, after 3 sips of water Bella looks at her Dad and says “Thanks Dad”. The bond is one only he knows his teaching and knowledge passed to his 3 year old Congo African Grey Parrot. He understands her body language her feather display, her Pupil size, her posture all telling him what mood she is in.

Keeping his flock happy daily is his goal one he has to tend to carefully with love and kindness that always comes first. He can now make a Wooden Owl for his friends or pick the camera up and find some wonderful wildlife to film, pass his knowledge of photography on to his mate. He will run out of time 5am to 2100hrs is not enough in Blackie’s world, but the light will fade eventually and he will lay down knowing his flock is happy and he filled his day with all things he loves in this wonderful life he lives.

I am so grateful for what i have.


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