Born 30th January 1957 on the couch at 12 Hazel Ave Cheadle Stockport Cheshire breach birth. Watching my dad look after the little budgies and helping hand rear gave me a fantastic start in life respecting animals. The film Kes about a small boy who looks after a young Kestrel left an imprint on my brain. Hearing the Tawny from the woods so haunting as a child, where does the sound come from dad, what is the bird like, how big is it, where does it live, when will I see one.

To teach our children and grandchildren the wonders of the natural world, and to teach as early as possible to love our pets and wild creatures that were around long before us. They have a place here on earth just like us, they all have part to play in our short life here on earth and if left unharmed will be around long after we depart this planet.

Leaving school on Friday I walked into a Bakery on Princess street in Stockport and spoke to a man called Stan, I asked have you any work going. Yes can you start Monday, from a boy carrying flower I learned everything about confectionary you could from Stan the manager, after 6 years I was decorating Weddings cakes with Royal Icing. There was no place to move up the ranks unless someone left or passed away. It was Stan who said join the Army you will do very well.

Arrived at the barrier in Northampton on a cold winters night, showed to my 16 man room then 16 weeks of hell. From a private soldier to a Warrant Officer Class2 in 22 very interesting years. The camera was with me the whole time, in the barracks, out at sea, on the streets of NI to Cyprus Germany to the top of a Volcano in Mexico. The Falklands, Austria to the jungle of Guatemala bordering Belize. I snapped away the whole time, and now at 63 the images will tell of my story and adventures.

Retired at 42 from the Army and moved to the North, I set up my own gardening business and my first client was Syd Little the comedian who I charged £6 to do his rather large garden. Within 12 months I had 30 gardens on my books.

The camera had collected dust over this period so it came out and realised time had moved on and my camera was out of date. Sorting out a new one on a tight budget was awkward and in the end had to settle for what i could get. My motorbike adventures started and lasted for 6 years before i met my now Wife Ruth, who was not keen on bikes so that avenue closed.

From then I really took up photography after Ruth’s friends told me how much they enjoyed looking at them, the gear had to be upgraded that’s when I when I started to go big on the camera spec and the quality of the Glass in the lens.

From Canon to Olympus to present day Sony I have used many cameras over the years., from a roll of 12 negatives that had to be hand fed to now Inserting a card and having 3000 images. From taking one image at a time to now being able to take 30 frames a second

I really hope you enjoy my site where I can display and back up with interesting stories and knowledge of how I capture the scene.

It is not the Equipment you hold its the skill and understanding camera.

Not how much it costs.

Not the Make or Model

A little £20 camera will capture exactly the same image as me with my £6000 Gear.

The Dolphin coming out of the water was captured in 1979 on a Kodak Instamatic 35mm camera cost £8. One take did it.

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