New Owl Carving

A quick shaping using my Bosch Angle Grinder and Arbirtech Blade. Years ago I struggled copying a picture now I have the Owl shape in my head. Then a hour […]

Jealous or Envious

I am so glad I started a blog last August and in that time I have learn that it’s more important to write nice stories that accompany my images than […]


Today I went out and changed from Raw to Jpeg Extra fine. Its always the case that when your not expecting anything when you go out for a quick coffee. […]

In Honour Of My Little Barn Owl.

A week has passed since I found the Barn Owl lying peaceful asleep. After making a small wooden Coffin for her I thought it would be nice to make a […]

What is our Purpose

Lately I have been thinking deeply about what is the purpose of life, what are we doing in our time on the ever changing planet. One that I think In […]

Little Birds From My Static Van

Last year was our last year at the Statcic van we have in Bentham Lancaster. The wonderful species of bird are amazing and i filmed birds i have never seen […]

Beware Geese

This time of year the Swan protects his nest and surrounding area like a Soldier guarding his camp, anyone who comes within a large area while his lady swan is […]

Birds in flight 2020

Looking through my library from 2020 and can’t remember doing a blog on the different species I captured with restricted movement but still managed to get out and about with […]

The Bond

Having a bond with an animal is one of the best feelings a person can have, a dog cat or any animal that you can communicate with is a special […]

Small but Elegant

The little Turnstone is such a joy to photograph wit its friendly nature you can get close to see its lovely plumage and with the right technique get some lovely […]

February Gallery

What a fantastic month it ghas been, yes lots of wind and rain but you only need a quick plan of action and you can be with nature. With many […]

Sunday in the Sun

I wanted the Barn Owl i found yesterday lying in the log store to be buried in the best way i could think. It gave me so many beauty moments […]

A Sign That’s Things Will Be Ok

Sony A7r4 Sony 200-600 When me and Christine went to collect the Barn Owl that had died we approached the building and as we did. A Barn Owl flew past […]

Rest in Peace My White Angel

Today my news is of sadness of the Barn Owl i filmed yesterday. I was informed she had passed away in the Log store next to my hide. She didn’t […]