Answer The Question

When you pick up your phone or compact, Bridge or DSLR mirrorless Crop Sensor or Full Frame there is a reason we do it Do you make a plan and […]

When The Sun Goes Down

As the sun sets the golden hour starts a term used in photography. Is this so befitting of the Barn Owl to blend in and just be the right colors […]

Lay Back and Look To The Sky

waiting for my Owl to make a show i lay back and looked up at the blue sky, Buzzard Starlings Seagulls Rooks all pass by with no movement from the […]

The Perfect Day

arriving at my peacful location at 10.30 this morning i was greeted by Bella hunting in the field where i was going to set up. Knowing she needs to make […]

Contact me

As you will understand i am Anti Social Media as it causes so much trouble. If you want to contact me after looking at my blog. Have a question then […]

How my day turned out

Arriving with a plan to set up a hide using natural material from the land. The field i am using is about the size of 3 football fields with dead […]

When the sun shines

So the sun comes out and the camera is ready for action. Off to where the Grey Heron nests evey February. The area is not that good for the field […]

One Day

When I go to bed at night I can put my head on my pillow and say I have tried my again today. When I lie looking at my wife […]

Just an Old Fashioned Man

What do you see When you have reached the top in 7 years from leaving school at 15 in the 70s. When you reach a rank that gets a Royal […]

My Little Pond in the garden

Last summer when we were in lockdown i decided to make a small pond or should i say bath for the birds to drink from and have a bath from […]

Grey Heron in Action

These are some of my first images with the Sony A7r4 when I first tried action shots,or birds in action. I could not believe the sharpness of the Sony 200-600 […]

Nice Feelings

Have you ever wondered what makes us feel so content and filled with nice feelings. Feelings that you should be grateful for. You can have material things that make you […]

Sony A7r4 200-600

The Barn Owl has a mate. This is the female Identified by brown spots or specs on her stomach. I place a pole in the ground 3 weeks ago and […]

Sony Close Up image Quality

Yesterday the Barn Owl flew past me and i managed to get a flight shot, i used Jpeg Extra Fine and the in camera processing was just brilliant. I only […]

Light Fading

5 hours of waiting not much happened until late afternoon. The sun went in and I was about to pack up. Then 2 Barn Owls came out hunting together, in […]

Good Day To You All

Where ever you are on our crazy planet, I wish you a good day, and go forth and find your dream. Your dream the one that will fill your heart […]