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Young Gulls In action

I cant say enough about the A7r4 from a birding point of view it is a joy to use and the keeper rate is unmatched to any body and Lens i have ever owned. If i miss a couple of images its because of user error, but its just fantastic the way it keeps track of the birds. Yes i know there not the fastest birds to judge a camera on, but you find me someone who posts images on a trusted review of Fast moving birds. There always Eagles or Osprey in fantastic light and perfect conditions.

I just love any bird and to look at the agility of the bird wing shapes and movement like a hawk the young gulls are very fast and never do the same thing twice so you act on impulse, but its lovely to see all the different positions they get into when you edit. I turned them to Black and White for a better look at the feather shape and detail.

The Power Of Full Frame Mirrorless

Today i went to the Lake to try the 1.4 Ext on the 200-600 and the results are breath taking. The gulls were practicing the dropping of shells using the leaves in the water, they were in the middle of the lake so i used the APS-C mode and after cropping the image quality is amazing.

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great morning with the sun shining wind blowing and a good selection of birds coming into feed in the hide. I used the Sony 200-600 to video the woodpecker when it came in and took a nut then used a crack in the tree trunk to break the nut into small bits.

Look for the woodpeckers long tongue shooting out as it looks around.

Sony A7r4 200-600 BIF.

Below are some nice images for anyone thinking of getting a Sony A7r4 together with the 200-600 its just amazing at capturing birds in flight. My keeper rate is just so good I get spoilt for choice which images to keep. This is my best ever set up for birds

Sony 100-400 G Master

Another visit to the river to watch the Sea Trout jumping the weir at Hornby, they were very quiet today so only got chance to test it a few times but off what i got the 100-400 seems to nail the fish better than the 200-600 using the same settings from yesterday. I may get a chance at the end of the week but i could do with the light being a bit better .


f4.5, ISO 800-1250, Shutter 3200, Focus area Zone, Metering Multi, Focal distance 100-150mm

The trout image top right was one that jumped that high it went above the weir a good 6 feet.

The Splash not just pressing a Button.

Here is a lovely selection of image taken with different cameras, different lens so many different locations, settings, light, backgrounds and foliage. Taken at a different age, in different clothing being in a calm mood, excited moon, different reactions, sitting by a river waiting, walking through a field,. From my car window, from my wildlife hide to my house window, my pop up hide, from the sea wall to the wildlife tower.

The hours spent from a few to many hours of research, little needed then more intense research visits to an area where the bird has been seen. Settings all different to times of the day, in bright light, poor light just right light.

For many years i posted images on 2 different media sites with no story behind it, but soon realised all the work i put into all my images is one that most people don’t understand that to get a photo, image a shot of the subject is not a simple case of buying the most expensive camera and Lens stepping out of the door and talking a image of a Golden Eagle swooping down low over the mountain top.

The net is full of images from different makes of camera some costing a lot of money others a few pound second hand, that person could just be driving his or her car and see a one off Photograph. A 10 Point Red Deer Stag standing in the road facing you. You reach for the cheap camera having the same 3 things that make up a image back in the 1800s to modern day tech. The Exposure Triangle will never change. So the person has good light the Deer is stood still so the next element of the triangle Shutter speed can be low, then because of this his ISO can be low. He decided to keep his camera on AUTO so the camera does all the settings for him. He takes the shot, the deer moves off he goes on his holiday and comes back. Not knowing anything about photography he puts his camera away like many other people and leaves it there for a month, then when he watches the TV there is a Photo competition so he gets his film out or downloads it onto his Tablet or takes it in to his local supermarket for a copy.

He enters it, weeks later he wins the competition and the image is the front of a magazine.

So when you look at my images they all have stories behind them, many hours of frustration when the image of a lifetime is just out of focus, a one off you will never see again. Hundreds of image deleted as the light was poor you forget to change the battery, no SD card when the Owl lands in front of you 10 feet way. forget to take your camera with you and see Geese flying with a Rainbow in the background. Images juts taken for granted because its that easy now anyone can do it, it can be done form your phone.

My work involves dedication commitment and thought for the bird or animal before the image, i carefully plan my mission going over it the night before, i would have been to the area to see where the sun is shining, objects that might spoil the image. Is the subject a subject of habit, will it turn up, will the weather change so after 5 hours of waiting i have to pack up. Will people walk past with a dog or just out for a walk just at the time when the bird appears and comes into range of your lens. A car go past and scare the subject off.

My Hay Fever start and i sneeze as the Kingfisher comes into land., my camera fails or wont work. I get told to move on as i have not asked permission to be there. I could go on and on but i think you get the point i am trying to make.

This is my Splash library i called it that as i love birds in water, as every image is different every image with the water never the same, droplets of all shapes and sizes colours reflections movement you could not make as it never happens the same. when i see the The timing is critical the burst rate of the camera has got to good. You need to follow the subject into the area where it is to make impact speed of the subject requires skill to follow it, then hit the shutter button and hope your settings are right.

This Great Crested Grebe was captured this year when i heard its distress call from inside the bushy area, knowing another intruder was near the nest. I just got ready knowing i had filmed this bird for 8 years never getting it flying over the water.

Birds of Prey

Just a few images of birds of prey, Raptor which means to Sieze or Grasp. Several bird species are considered Raptors Eagles, hawks, falcons and kites.

In the UK I have only captured the Kestrel which hovers then dives for its prey. I also have the Buzzard. I don’t class the Red Kite as a capture as it was at a park where they are living and fed.

The Mallard and the Fish

Never seen a Mallard eating a fish before so i took some images of it the some nice reflection images with the Sony A7r4.

I also had some really nice images from early this year that my followers may like. Again if anyone wants help with settings i will share my experience with the camera and lens.