Army Tales


its a normal day in 1997 the place is Guilford Surrey i am a Warrant Officer in the army responsible for the Fire Safety of 1000 Recruits girls and boys men and women. To test the recruits i decide to have a fire practice to record and log the reaction of the camp. Everyone in […]


The Army Sentry

We were on exercise in Germany and my lads were manning a sentry post as the smoke grenades went of bangs and flashes, a man walked towards the sentry who was in a trench Halt he said, Who Goes There, The man Our Commanding Officer said Romeo, my lad thinking it was me decided to […]


Military Humour

I kept a diary of my service in the army not anything special just things I found funny. So I thought I would share with you some sayings or just what my mate said on a normal day. 2 Soldiers on a road in the middle of nowhere. Are your feet hurting mate. Who’s mine. […]