Sony A7r4 APS-C Mode

Here is some information for the Sony Alpha users about the A7r4 and the on going chatter about noise with the 61mp. I use this camera everyday for wildlife and after 12 months of use in low light, good light. Static birds to fast moving birds there is not an issue for me, so i am going to stick my neck out and say its the user not the camera. With the 200-600 lens fitted i have proved both with using the 61mp and the APS-C mode the Image Quality this camera produces is Amazing.

I cant say much more about how good it is so read my previous posts and look at my Gallery if your put off by negative reports on this camera.

If you cant get good results contact me and i will help you set up the camera. Remember i shoot in the UK so the light is always against me my reviews are personal and true but like i say my images say everything there is to say about this truly fantastic camera and Lens combination.

Nuthatch taken yesterday APS-C MODE 26MP

Edited in Luminar 4 just cropped no other alterations, you judge for yourself.

Autumn Leaves

We listen to the rain on our van roof.

No sun today, only the evening sunset to look forward to if the weather clears.

Silver birch start to undress, throwing their unwanted yellow and green garments into our clean gutters. The cold morning chill meets my spine as I fill the feeders up for the little birds.

We snuggle in our quilts and put the heating on at night.

Every so often I ask myself where the little Blue Tits go; the little Wren? The pretty Goldfinch that are just feeding on their own?

Only their little feathers keep them warm at night, and I often wonder if they all sit together onΒ a branch snug and warm.

I have heard the Goldcrest adopt this behaviour. If the smallest bird in the UK uses this strategy maybe other birds do too.

As I move slowly through the woodland I see funghi of all shapes, sizes, colours and formations; the last rain drop hanging on for dear life before it drops to the woodland floor.

Suddenly the light starts to fade like Jesus closing the curtains.

A strange light in the distance lights up just a section of trees and fields. Like God shining a torch downwards, capturing all the animals that came to their fate in the night; the beam gently sucking them up. As they rise up, their eyes open and life starts again joining all the friends they lost in their life.

The Life Light

I smile as I see Jake and Monty up on Ingleborough looking down as I am ready for any movement. Jake says to Monty “Our Dad is still capturing the wonders of nature on his photography journey”.

I sit for a while taking in the clean air.

The Green Woodpecker calls high in the old dead Oak 🌳. Will I ever see one to photograph on my travels? A bird so green and larger than the Great Spotted Woodpecker – maybe one day!

Stepping over soft moss, the trees give me an advantage as I move forward looking for the morning Roe Deer that graze near my Hide.

The leaves on my 3D leaf suit move with the tree leaves.

I look at my first Roe deer feeding on the early morning, dew covered, lush, green grass.

Stop. Which way is the wind blowing? Licking my finger, I hold it up. Feeling a breeze on it, I’m OK.

I can just see her head bowed down, her soft furry back in the camera lens. The trees are all around her.

I do hope she pops her beautiful head up for a picture.

Coming up to take air in, she senses something is near and her instincts kick in. Looking down the lens straight at me, she gazes, trying to work out if it is a hunter giving her a last look at life, or whether it is a gentle, kind man who just wants to share her image with people and bring some happiness to the world.

Go in peace Deer

Sun light shines on the remaining leaves that hang on for dear life before dropping like military parachutes but landing soft instead.

My walk is a special one, as I come to my Tawny 🌳.

For a year I have spent time with my Owl, an owl who watches me and feels safe in my company.

“Morning! How was your night? Are your Owlets close by? I would love to see your children with all their softy down covered bodies.”

“They’re close by Ron, but you will have to find them first. Don’t frighten them please”.

Autumn πŸ‚ Tawny

A few steps, gazing up.

Leaving the cover of the woods, peace and happiness fill my body.

What priceless thoughts and sights I have witnessed on my morning walk in Autumn πŸ‚.