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Category: birds

Sony A7r4 200-600

The amazing combination of this setup has opened a new world for me. Birds in flight is the hardest form of photography to master and I have lost many amazing […]


On my photography journey there are times when you come across a subject that you are privileged to find, by chance or by word of mouth. When that happens you […]

Blackie and Barn

As she came towards me with her wings spread the sun shone threw her feathers. Head and eyes looking into the pale brown grass. Ears listening for the slightest movement. […]


Another Nest Box made and a nice Fat Feeder made from Silver Birch.

Helping The Birds

Another morning making fat balls from seed oil and suet balls. A simple method of making the most out of mixing ingredients together, add honey and dried fruit. Mix together. […]

My Love For The Swan

The meaning of a swan is grace, beauty, love, trust, and loyalty. Swan symbolism is also linked to inner beauty and self love. A pair of swans represent soul mates […]

Long Tailed Tit

This little bird is wonderful to photograph but hard as it moves back and forth looking for insectsvon the tree branches and leaves. I see it at my hide and […]

Longing to film you again

O you Beautiful Owl how you make me so happy flying with graze across open fields, free you move in silence. I will return my Friend and watch you through […]

Blue Tit Gallery

The little Blue tit is so colourful its a an amazing little bird feeding on seed nuts tree blossom and insects when feeding its young. For a small bird they […]

A Little Winter Visitor

The west coast of the UK is vast for a human to look at but somewhere in Scandinavia Alaska Greenland or Canada a little Bird thinks of warmer climates. A […]

Images 12 months Ago

My first images when i bought the Sony A7r4 and 200-600, little learning to do coming from Canon and Olympus but first impressions told me i had a great combo. […]


We meet again little Sparrow the time I put your food out is here, you wait patiently in the Holly tree sitting on the splintered branch. Your family watch you […]