Blackie and Barn

As she came towards me with her wings spread the sun shone threw her feathers. Head and eyes looking into the pale brown grass. Ears listening for the slightest movement. Turning quickly diving fast and seconds before she strikes her… Read More ›

Not Just A Duck

We have a certain perception of the Mallard that comes to us fir food, entertaining us with their laughter. They are such a beautiful bird with stunning colours, but overlooked as just a Duck. The time I have spent filming… Read More ›

When Eyes Meet

As a photographer I never really see the subject other than through the viewfinder like someone using binoculars. So I often wonder if we could understand wildlife, and what they see when a strange figure is pointing a object at… Read More ›

Redshank in Flight

Why i waited for the Widgeon a Redshank flew in from the left, the problem where i was filming is that the dark mud and shadows make it so hard to get a clear nice background, always looking dark. Sits… Read More ›

The Beautiful Jay

I was tricked by a bird in 2015 when I set my wildlife hide up in a peaceful retreat where no people go. Its heaven and mental therapy no money can buy. The trees Silver Birch, Oak, Sycamore Rowan, Hawthorn… Read More ›


Weighing 220grams with a lifespan of 4 years has an old country name Windhover. The Kestrel can keep its head still while it hovers wings beating every so often. This member of the falcon family is an amazing bird of… Read More ›