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Category: Blackie’s Blog

The Perfect Day

arriving at my peacful location at 10.30 this morning i was greeted by Bella hunting in the field where i was going to set up. Knowing she needs to make […]

My Little Pond in the garden

Last summer when we were in lockdown i decided to make a small pond or should i say bath for the birds to drink from and have a bath from […]

Nice Feelings

Have you ever wondered what makes us feel so content and filled with nice feelings. Feelings that you should be grateful for. You can have material things that make you […]

The Sweet Spot

So the story goes i went for a walk round the park with the r74 and 200-600. I set my camera to: RAW f7.1 Shutter 1/1600 ISO Auto 100-1600 Zone […]

February 28 Day Photo Challenge

I have set myself a challenge to capture a different photograph every day for the month of February. Covering everything using both Sony and Fuji. My Aim is to photograph […]

Helping The Birds

Another morning making fat balls from seed oil and suet balls. A simple method of making the most out of mixing ingredients together, add honey and dried fruit. Mix together. […]

2021 Blackie’s Blog

Readers of my blog know that I suffer sometimes with strange mental thoughts and go to dark places where no-one can help, or understand how quickly it can happen. So […]

Me My Life My Owls

They say people have a way with certain animals and after 45 years doing wildlife photography it has come to my notice that The Owl is that Bird that i […]