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Category: Family

Top Fish

The sea was blue like the sky a Dad and Son floated on the sea surface, “look Son at all the fish” this is how we snorkel dad explained. Get […]

Family Dreams

Dad Brian,Julie and Christine are not part of my life there blood flows from our same mother. Arguments and stupidity have led to Silence no communication. We once played in […]

Grateful Or Not.

Christmas approaches we never thought that a Virus from an Animal would distrup our life on earth. No one wrote a song about it, or predicted it would happen. The […]

The Box

Over time I mind thoughts go to to a certain time or person, a memory of sadness never Happy ones, always something that puzzles me, why it happened. I know […]

Christmas Tree Mother and Me.

Come mother sit with me as we did in the old days me sat on your knee. Hold me so close and laugh with me, come mother sit with me […]