Critical Update

Yes I write about my feelings and it helps me, but has an impact on family members. By writing my thoughts and feelings helps me. Good things come from Honesty. If you tell it as it is your not only… Read More ›

The World Today.

I find myself turning the channel over or tuning into something else, I stop listening to someone, or tell them to stop I would prefer not to to hear it. Find a place of peace, sit on a bench and… Read More ›

My 400th Post

I wake up i know the man who writes from the heart expressing his inner feelings to the viewer he does not know. I heard the words long ago “You will Find Yourself One day” I was told once by… Read More ›

Camera life

O how lucky I am to have a creative imagative mind with the little metal box that produces a Story with every click. The buttons and numbers I look at daily striving for perfection, trying something new to stimulate my… Read More ›

Top Fish

The sea was blue like the sky a Dad and Son floated on the sea surface, “look Son at all the fish” this is how we snorkel dad explained. Get some rest and wave to your sister. Right Son the… Read More ›

The candle still burns wax forming a bird face, a animal staring into the yellow flame flickering as a small draft cathes it making shadows on the timber walls. Feet so warm snug in my warm wool blanket, staring up… Read More ›

My new Hobby

Needing a new wrist strap for my small Fujifilm camera came across a Paracord strap for 5 quid so I looked at it and said I could make that. Ordering green 4mm 7 Strand 550 paracord I watched a video… Read More ›

5am My Feet

The long and winding road leads me, I wish I could measure the distance my legs have taken me since the day I took my first steps. Feet that have had so many different shoes on, socks of all sizes…. Read More ›

Family Dreams

Dad Brian,Julie and Christine are not part of my life there blood flows from our same mother. Arguments and stupidity have led to Silence no communication. We once played in the same house happy not knowing what the world had… Read More ›

My Hands.

Born so small my first touch my first first feeling of warmth, wet sensation heat cold, pain. Feeling my silk blue baby covers, the wood on my cot. my face features, to grip my first toy made of wood. Touching… Read More ›