Camera life

O how lucky I am to have a creative imagative mind with the little metal box that produces a Story with every click. The buttons and numbers I look at daily striving for perfection, trying something new to stimulate my… Read More ›

The Box

Over time I mind thoughts go to to a certain time or person, a memory of sadness never Happy ones, always something that puzzles me, why it happened. I know I can’t what happened and its daft and pointless going… Read More ›

Plan or Not

Are you a planner, do you plan your day, month year out. Is it good to plan things to do, aims, goals ambitions. Will the plan come together, will it fail, shall I plan it again different. Will the plan… Read More ›


Do yo say hello to the person passing by, walking in the other direction in the garden next door. In the corner shop, on the high street, in the pub toilet, on the river walking your dog, out for a… Read More ›