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Category: love

The Morning Cuddle

How many married couple’s start the day wrapping their arms round the one you love and realising how special its is to have someone to hold. Blackie.

Hold my Hand

If I sit next to you. When I walk with you Waking up to a new day Sitting on our favourite bench Watching the waves come in Walking in the […]

The Lady In Waiting

One Sunny morning in the Caribbean a Beautiful lady waits as the Sun rises. Her man of 3 years approaching with a Ring in his pocket. Silent he walks towards […]

The World Today.

I find myself turning the channel over or tuning into something else, I stop listening to someone, or tell them to stop I would prefer not to to hear it. […]

Longing to film you again

O you Beautiful Owl how you make me so happy flying with graze across open fields, free you move in silence. I will return my Friend and watch you through […]

The candle still burns wax forming a bird face, a animal staring into the yellow flame flickering as a small draft cathes it making shadows on the timber walls. Feet […]

6.05 November 1988

I sat in the living room in my military house, a little boy my Son sat on my knee and we had beans and Sausage in tomato sauce. His cup […]

Family Dreams

Dad Brian,Julie and Christine are not part of my life there blood flows from our same mother. Arguments and stupidity have led to Silence no communication. We once played in […]

Grateful Or Not.

Christmas approaches we never thought that a Virus from an Animal would distrup our life on earth. No one wrote a song about it, or predicted it would happen. The […]

The Box

Over time I mind thoughts go to to a certain time or person, a memory of sadness never Happy ones, always something that puzzles me, why it happened. I know […]

I like to Give

Why does giving something to someone come naturally but receiving be uncomfortable makes me feel anxious. Why do I feel like this, I would rather have nothing given to me […]

The Brain

From happy to sad. From good to bad. Thoughts mixed up. What makes you dark. Far away come back to me. One minute so clever. You turn to the devil. […]

Christmas Tree Mother and Me.

Come mother sit with me as we did in the old days me sat on your knee. Hold me so close and laugh with me, come mother sit with me […]

Old Days Coming Back.

When your I love with a Beautiful Women. Then health issues stop your way of life A Virus adds to your way of life. Health gets better. Life gets better […]