military stories

Hero By the Fire

It was 1983 the Bavarian pine forest was dark visibility nil, men looking into the flames of a camp fire. The cold air biting at the spine, feet covered in military green wool socks. Hands of all shapes and sizes…. Read More ›

My new Hobby

Needing a new wrist strap for my small Fujifilm camera came across a Paracord strap for 5 quid so I looked at it and said I could make that. Ordering green 4mm 7 Strand 550 paracord I watched a video… Read More ›

Funny or Not.

The life expectancy if you fell into the sea off Port Stanley was 2 minutes. The Helicopter lands a lad gets off the metal frame and he is back on land again. He wears a Pack on his back his… Read More ›

Elliman’s Rub

There once was a bottle, a bottle brown in colour, no label, with a white plastic top. It came out on cold winter days, when my PT hurts were very small with gaps up the side. Red, green, yellow with… Read More ›