my body

Camera life

O how lucky I am to have a creative imagative mind with the little metal box that produces a Story with every click. The buttons and numbers I look at daily striving for perfection, trying something new to stimulate my… Read More ›

5am My Feet

The long and winding road leads me, I wish I could measure the distance my legs have taken me since the day I took my first steps. Feet that have had so many different shoes on, socks of all sizes…. Read More ›

My Hands.

Born so small my first touch my first first feeling of warmth, wet sensation heat cold, pain. Feeling my silk blue baby covers, the wood on my cot. my face features, to grip my first toy made of wood. Touching… Read More ›

I like to Give

Why does giving something to someone come naturally but receiving be uncomfortable makes me feel anxious. Why do I feel like this, I would rather have nothing given to me but I want to give gifts and surprises to my… Read More ›

The Brain

From happy to sad. From good to bad. Thoughts mixed up. What makes you dark. Far away come back to me. One minute so clever. You turn to the devil. I know you don’t mean it. Can I clean it…. Read More ›

Legs of Time

I walk slowly now the years have flown by like geese migrating in the first morning frost. Blue skys above me legs walk carefully again taking me on anther journey, to another wonderful wildlife experience. To a stranger walking a… Read More ›