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Walking Again.

Its was so good to get out today even if I was a little slow taking care of my new Achiles tendon. The Swans have arrived with the Tufted ducks and a few geese but no Coots yet. The comorant was busy as usual catching the fish in the lake.

It was great to watch all the different species and behavior I had not witnessed before. The young gulls were taking leaves from the water and flying up to drop from height. On the beach they do this to break shells, so it was great seeing the practicing this skill.

The Swan is a great bird to observe, with so many different movements from cleaning its feathers to sinking low into the water as it chases the other Swan intruder.

Trees loose the multi coloured leaves as they hang on like a game who is the last one on the 🌳. They look for a place to land like a para coming into land. Some will make it to water and float away, some will fall to be collected by the Grey Squirrel to nestle in a V shape as the winter house.

They will pile up against log piles making a warm fefuge for the Hedgehog, not seen in my garden for 5 years now. It once came out for nuts at 3 and sat quietly with me, the rubber of the on the tyre its final hour.

Its all the signs and sounds of Winter around the Geese calling me we here to be found in a lush green field they rest on the ground. They feed in peace, but eyes scan the flock, its the green figure again creeping like a Fox every step so slow now sound do you know.

The colour Teal is approaching to the mud banks, flying in formation twisting and turning like Red Arrows at the display. They take the warmth of the winter sun on their body’s, patiently waiting for the tide to arrive.

The Green man is here again a voice whispers, he ha a different camera this year, will he get me in flight, to be displayed hopefully not in Black and White.

The Reeds on the estuary are higher then the man, knowledge from his Hard Drive, his wildlife memory Bank telling him that a beautiful white Egret will arrive soon to feed on the mud flats as the tide unsettles small creatures for him to feast on. The Aperture set shutter speed just write it takes flight pure white like a Kite.

Stepping out of the metal motorised vehicle the man moves through the undergrowth, ferns bluebells flowers of all descriptions of many colours. Tall small even attach to the old brick wall. The excitement builds as the heart races once more the animal and bird wait as the Camouflage object appears between the small gap. Eyes trained to lock on to any slitest movement.

Short Eared Owl Canon 50D 100-400mk1

Their eyes meet like to lovers for the first time, slowly the round button is pressed halfway to gain focus then 123 like the burst of his machine gun, breathing, heart rate slowing he lowers the Lens and just looks at the wonder of the beauty before him.

The animals and birds seen through the camera of all makes and models over a long period of time, countries and scenery will always drive him on to encounter another wonderful image and story how the man puts %150 into planning his next mission.

Countryside Rhyme

I Looked at my watch at a quarter to 3 as i sat down in Bluebell wood under the tree.

The woods were dark the sky was to, a Rabbit jumped out and shouted Boo.

The blue tit sings the chicks sing to, the woodpecker knocks how do you do.

The Oak lies down gaps to look through, squirrels sits still chew chew chew.

The country air i do breath, hayefever is bound so I sneeze. Rubbing my eyes

The snowy path is long not wide I leave my prints my footprints behind.

Reflection in the lake I dream of then I wake.

Hello little frog under the the stone all alone. Ron’s jump ten foot when he moved bacj your home

The tree bark is old and cracked in between the sticky sap seeps

Go now my white angel fly so silent in the dark. Not a sound to be heard moving gracefully movements reflected on the ground from the full moon shining down. Perch now on the post eyes big and brown scanning for the dash the dart but your quick and pounce wings back like a paper dart. Your work is done for another year year, as you hear a car playing what’s another year. If only they knew the pain you go through, young starve the rain and wind making life hard for you.

You spot the nice man dressed in green as before he points his lens to capture you crossing the field making his day as his image is in focus, he goes home to write a beautiful story of you. The evening sun goes down as you preen your white and brown feathers soft with no more down. You’ve grown into a mature amazing bird the one he calls the angel.

You peer out of the hole in the tree looking at your new world so big. Fields to fly in looking for your meal to keep you alive, don’t worry mum will show you for the first few months of your life.

Don’t be affraid little owlet it’s not all bad, the mice and voles this year breeding so fast there’s plenty for all, Kestrel and Tawny, you won’t go hungry. Your brother’s will be with you at night go back to your tree stood that long with stories of your species tall and strong. It’s your place of safety, till your strong fly with your mum scanning the ground, senses so amazing where they came from the man in green can only read about. He tells his friends of your amazing ability’s the skills you have to survive how you can’t hunt when there’s snow on the ground.

If only you knew how amazing you look exciting it is to follow you.