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Category: photography

Reflections Seen in Time

Reflections are many in my lifetime from the lush trees lining the canal to the lake and rivers. All with the beautiful light reflecting Reflections of many shapes and sizes […]

Feb Day 7 Photo Challenge

The Ruler Plastic Metal Wood Ivory so many different rulers are made to measure and assist us in our daily tasks. I find it so amazing that the oldest Ruler […]

Feb Day 6 Photo Challenge

1 for sorrow. 2 for joy 3 for Girl 4 for a boy 5 for silver 6 for gold 7 for a secret never to be told. The Magpie is […]

Feb Day 2 Photo Challenge

Larry Grason said Shut That Door. I let my dog out for a toilet. I let the New Year in through the back door then the front. Is that the […]

February 28 Day Photo Challenge

I have set myself a challenge to capture a different photograph every day for the month of February. Covering everything using both Sony and Fuji. My Aim is to photograph […]

Sony A7r4 200-600

The amazing combination of this setup has opened a new world for me. Birds in flight is the hardest form of photography to master and I have lost many amazing […]


On my photography journey there are times when you come across a subject that you are privileged to find, by chance or by word of mouth. When that happens you […]

Wood Carvings

I am very fortunate to be able to do things with my hands. 6 years into carving I have learned a lot about different wood and grain. With hundreds completed […]

Angel Delight

How can you not admire this Owl in flight hunting in Total Slence, reason being is the wings. Some Owls have a comb like leading edge, this enables the to […]

What makes a Photographer

Wildlife photography is sort by millions and in todays digital world, is there a true understanding of what it takes to be a true wildlife photographer. The gear is just […]

Understanding flight

Ever since I was a boy I wanted to fly, looking at the Kestrel hunt and the Seagul gliding through the sky. The Blue Tit in my garden. My dad […]

No 25

What do you see when you look at this Red Shirt worn by a man in 1991. I went through my loft last week and came across this shirt. Any […]

All Dried Up

I feel as though my Brain and memory files have gone its weird I was filled with so many stories and memories back in Aug 2020. Now I find myself […]

Goodnight All

Wishing you all had a good day Stay safe. Tomorrow is another day. Blackie

I am Here

I am a friend you will never see. Trust in me when I say life is not hard right now. Get a pen when you wake up. Write down what […]

Not Just A Duck

We have a certain perception of the Mallard that comes to us fir food, entertaining us with their laughter. They are such a beautiful bird with stunning colours, but overlooked […]


Another Nest Box made and a nice Fat Feeder made from Silver Birch.