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Perfect Morning

I open my eyes and say thank you for being alive, my f stop is f4.5 as the sunlight hits my sensor my eyes I focus to another Sunrise. I stand again like so many times older now but ever so wise. Looking down at my Beautiful wife sound asleep in her peaceful life,dreaming of how we met so late in life every day so precious.

My steps are small as I make my way quickly to catch the mist on the lake not a ripple made, no movement there all asleep still I grab me gear heart beating fast. The legs still move good zig zagg past the wet mud making my way through the small dence Rowan wood.

I stop and kneel down a patch on the ground there is a Roe Deer here, I feel the earth still warm its not long gone seeking safety as I’m around. Its still dark in the woods no light breaking the canopy as I approach carefully the edge of the wood, light hitting me like Ruth has just opened the curtains to give more light for my photography.

The mist is clearing stealth mode kicks in my years of field craft, I use the path the sheep have made not to move another green blade of grass, glistening in the morning sunshine.

Sit and wait Ron scan the ground,

water and all the reeds so tall still as the night as a coot moves out checking its all clear. My fingers touch the buttons I have touched so many times from film to digital its just the same only the year is different. I look through at the beauty I have seen so many times the coots feathers all perfect in place face and beak like its just been painted.

My eyes scan the scene, water water reflections can be seen so I frame my wonderful coot and shoot one two 3.

O you look so good my little Coot overlooked for other birds but I see your beauty in your black and white plumage go now I will post your story later your image is lovely just as good as the Kingfisher or Barn Owl your all special to me bringing me happiness only I see.

I sit in total peace reflections of trees a mirror image me and the Coot know, morning silence broken by the Mobile the square in my pocket, ignore it Ron then here the words why didn’t you answer my call. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone why my peaceful world one I have sat in for many years when the mobile device had not been thought of.

Peace again my eyes look out over the hills of Cumbria, have I been there on my travels, have I left my footprints there, an Owl maybe or Brown Hare more wonders await me there. Lakes rivers and streams i have seen from the little river in Cheadle as a boy to to the River in Belize City with Crocodiles in.

The Indian ocean the first Dolphin I captured.

Concentrate Ron the call of the Buzzard breaks my silence and dreaming of days gone bay, come closer my beauty you fly so graceful wings just like Bella to give you flight o what a site you are. Will you see me down here camera pointing in your direction capturing your life as you look for food.

My life has been an Wildlife adventure as not many see but my effort rewarded by whom I don’t know, how good it feels to see your wings spread you could go anywhere sun on your back no looking back, no predator in tow.

Its very early still so I leave my reflective world of wonder, seeking more.

The River Great is low no rain for a while, tree roots dry forming rope like patterns intertwined through the force of the River current. Different from last year Ron, is there a spot for my bird so Blue to land, sit while I wait gear in hand

Its the sound of Water as it makes its way from the hills down stream takes me back to to the Loon, the Wenning. You first came into my sight in May 2014 as I walk the banks of the Loon, not knowing the flash of Blue would meet me so soon.

I found you with your orange breast sat in the morning 🌄. You looked even better through the lens moments like this are rare, so cherish it.

So my dream came true, you came to me as another gift of nature so wonderful seeing you so close, in all your glory.

So from my eyes opening focusing on the world outside I spent time with peace and quiet and birds so beautiful they bring happiness to my mind body and soul. No cost to bear just legs to get me there.

Christmas Tree Mother and Me.

Come mother sit with me as we did in the old days me sat on your knee.

Hold me so close and laugh with me, come mother sit with me like we did in 1963.

Sing me a song of happiness and glee. Mother sit with me under the big Xmas tree

Tell me a story of father and me, will he be home mother to sit with me, next to our Xmas tree.

Lights are so bright presents for me, your my best present Mother spend it with me

Your not hear anymore mother years spent with you with me. Your never forgotten Mother as I sit now old next to the Xmas tree, with memories of you and me.

Mother xx

My walk with Nature

I see tree’s that are green the leaves of gold, bark aged with time roots long like a road. I make my way carefully through the Bluebells as the Roe deer looks back, I stop on the track. Go your Fawn is near, I will wait here while the mist clears.

So time moves by while the buzzard soaring high against the morning sky. Run my brown hare humans beware. The green lush fern leaves blow gently back and forth, the red fox scampers quickly down deep into the gorge.

I rest for a while after climbing the style, and I dream and smile for a short while. My ears hear the sound the Kingfisher is around diving up then down, with fish homewood bound.

The river runs low the Dipper white belly low, fly now dipper your chicks wait don’t you know. I sink slowly back against the bark of a willow tree, peace all around no sound but for the autumn leaves blowing around.

Gazing up the Grey squirrel carrys his nuts that he dug up. There from the Jay who hid them away for a cold winters day. Well hello little Robin I saw you follow me flying from tree to tree. Come sit a rest then go to your best.

I hear the sound of the Geese as the migrate east, only to come back next year here to feast. The fly in formation calling as they make their way to another nation.

Duck family with the chicks swim while picking at bits. There little bodies soft downy and soft, water droplets sitting on their backs.

How beautiful you sing Mr Songthrush, tunes from your heart cheering me up as I walk past not making a sound. Sing high and low its Spring, you let us know.

I sit in my armchair face smiling from the wonderful walk with nature, content with my surroundings and my life.

Flip Flop

Are they yours Ron? No – I didn’t see who left them there.

They’re positioned just right.

Are they still warm?

A he or she?

Did they go for a wee or just go into the sea?

For a Pie or a Para Glide ride?

For Suncream or an Ice cream?

A walk on the sand hand in hand?

A drink in the bar or a ride in the car?

To grab a towel or empty the bowel?

To get his room key or put a plaster on his knee?

To get a drink, bikini all pink?

Look out to sea just you and me.

Drink some booze then have a snooze.

Talk a while but smile.

Walk with me down by the sea.

I gaze at a star as he walks from the Bar.

Come sit on my knee and look out to sea.

Just you and me love was meant to be.

Time to go home but not alone.

Where did they go?

I don’t know.