Rules of Photography

Thank You God

Yes we all say it, O help me God, please God let him live. Words we are familiar with in daily life but words that are said in haste or with no understanding or believing so why do we say… Read More ›

Ron Is Back

After 6 months in plaster and Boot i was given the all clear today and feel like a new man, my only concern is when i went out it was like going into a sci fi movie. People walking round… Read More ›

Don’t Bite My Ass

Only the Sony could capture both birds in flight and keep focus on them both flying, i have captured many images of 2 birds together but one is always out of focus. So this was bonus to get these birds.

Swan Lake

The lake in Blackpool Stanley Park is a photography dream for anyone who wants to practice bird image capture either static or moving, it’s full of fantastic opportunity to practice your skills. I have been photographing birds there for 10… Read More ›

The Two Ronnies

When I was returning from the wildlife hide I came across two ladies called Jess and Kirsty; they were staying in one of the cottages in the site. I was asking them how they were enjoying their stay when their… Read More ›

Dam Busters

The beam of light shines on the water so calm. The German people are all in bed sleeping, thinking of when they will be at peace. Will Hitler deliver? Will Germany take Great Britain? The faint sound of a aircraft… Read More ›

The Tree

Two years of pain leading to depression, and two small strokes was not half as hard as my life in the early years. 13th February 2019. It’s 5am. Ice lays on the path as I walk the streets listening to… Read More ›