Sony 100-400 G Master

The Lovely Sharp G Master

When you have a choice of lens to fit to a 61mp camera you open up so many photographic opportunities. Its a joy to have a camera i can use and get so much joy out of, no need to look anywhere else for a long time to come. This is the first time in […]


The Beach Action Sony 100-400

Today with the sun shining made way along the coast slowly with the waves crashing in it felt lovely with the ice cold east wind blowing on my bald head, but feeling of walking again free with no worries about my right ankle it just felt great. I walked for about 3km and on the […]


The Lady and Her Man

I came across the lovely guy from the midlands and i could not resist the chance to capture him, i didn’t get his name but the little sweet dog sitting like the Queen in her buggy in the sun on Blackpool front made a great image Image taken with the Sony 100-400. Lady and her […]