Young Gulls In action

I cant say enough about the A7r4 from a birding point of view it is a joy to use and the keeper rate is unmatched to any body and Lens i have ever owned. If i miss a couple of images its because of user error, but its just fantastic the way it keeps track of the birds. Yes i know there not the fastest birds to judge a camera on, but you find me someone who posts images on a trusted review of Fast moving birds. There always Eagles or Osprey in fantastic light and perfect conditions.

I just love any bird and to look at the agility of the bird wing shapes and movement like a hawk the young gulls are very fast and never do the same thing twice so you act on impulse, but its lovely to see all the different positions they get into when you edit. I turned them to Black and White for a better look at the feather shape and detail.

Fantastic morning.

Woke up with the rain coming down, then it eased and the sun came out, winds high i headed to the hide and was in for a treat as the Great Spotted Woodpecker came in and the Coal Tit, Nuthatch, Juvenile Wren and Magpie. The Buzzard was over head and the sound of the tree creeper could be heard behind the hide. The Grey Wagtail was bobbing up and down in the small pond looking for insects and a Greenfinch made an appearance plus the Robin.

The Hide in Autumn

Sat in the Wildlife hide today weather not to good but the little Wren was very busy around the log pile so i used the Crop mode and got some stunning images of this little bird. This is a Juvenile and there are 3 all together, i love the detail the r4 gives you even when having the megapixels.

The Nuthatch then came in and a Coal Tit gave me some great close up images. I am wood carving the Wren Robin and Nuthatch for gifts for Christmas.

Rule Of Thirds

Description: In photography, the rule of thirds is a type of composition in which an image is divided evenly into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, and the subject of the image is placed at the intersection of those dividing lines, or along one of the lines itself.

For years i never used it but now as i get better with my camera and print more images, i see the importance and why you should use Rule of thirds. Most cameras have a function inside the camera so you see the grid lines through the viewfinder.

The Goldfinch is my example of using the rule of thirds, as you can see the image makes you look at the Goldfinch face and what it is looking at.

Imagine 9 boxes 3 lines across and 3 lines down see where the Goldfinch is in the Grid. I don’t think its that important if your not entering competition but still think it give the image a better story to it.


Cropping an image is a personal preference and sometimes i do over crop but i love filling the frame, like the Heron flying past, and sometimes it fills the frame without the image being cropped. Again image quality plays a big part in my work so i do love and image close up showing the beautiful detail in and bird or animal, again that’s just me done have hard and fast rules

Greylag Goose

Yes i like this image but leaving space on the right would have given it a better feel.

A few more images, see if you think they look ok or should have had Rule Of Thirds applied.

Sony A7r4 APS-C Mode

Here is some information for the Sony Alpha users about the A7r4 and the on going chatter about noise with the 61mp. I use this camera everyday for wildlife and after 12 months of use in low light, good light. Static birds to fast moving birds there is not an issue for me, so i am going to stick my neck out and say its the user not the camera. With the 200-600 lens fitted i have proved both with using the 61mp and the APS-C mode the Image Quality this camera produces is Amazing.

I cant say much more about how good it is so read my previous posts and look at my Gallery if your put off by negative reports on this camera.

If you cant get good results contact me and i will help you set up the camera. Remember i shoot in the UK so the light is always against me my reviews are personal and true but like i say my images say everything there is to say about this truly fantastic camera and Lens combination.

Nuthatch taken yesterday APS-C MODE 26MP

Edited in Luminar 4 just cropped no other alterations, you judge for yourself.

Power in Sony

I have had the Sony A7r4 for 12 months and i have been tempted in the A9mk2 for my birds in flight but dropping to 24mp from 61mp is a big no no. If they ever bring another camera out with more power and yo can crop like this i will buy it, when your told that you don’t need the 61mp don’t be put off by negative comments and reviews look at my images tell people to look what this camera can do. With the.


So when you combine it with the Sony 200-600+ 1.4 Extender you can crop till your hearts content. As i sat next to the Lake yesterday 4 Sheep came past behind me and started eating the leaves on the trees. I was around 100 metres away so i took some images, the first image is has not crop.

original image no edit
Edited image side on to give example of image quality.

Message me if you want more information on the Sony A7r4

Moorhen and Water

The Sony 200-600 never lets me down even when a bird fly’s in so quick and unexpected, I turned and captured one on image and it was in focus. Cant see me ever getting rid of this lens, i have hundreds of keepers and i am spoilt for choice with the images that are in focus. This is a joy and made my photography a joy and less stressful knowing i will get an image or a few when i hit the shutter button.

The Oystercatcher

Amazing watching these waders flight back and forth with sea shell fish, heads looking down with beaks probing the sand for any movement or sound. They have to be careful because the Black headed Gull and Herring Gull waits for them to find food then ram raids it for the food. There anther bird when on the water egde will only tolerate human presence up to a certain distance.

The way I get close is to use the sea defence wood barriers that go fro the prom wall out to sea. I wait till low tide and find s spot where there is plenty of rocks and shells. They wait for the tide to come in and wash up the shells that are burried.