UK Bird Species

Blue Tit Gallery

The little Blue tit is so colourful its a an amazing little bird feeding on seed nuts tree blossom and insects when feeding its young. For a small bird they are aggressive and defend the nest area, chasing other birds… Read More ›


Weighing 220grams with a lifespan of 4 years has an old country name Windhover. The Kestrel can keep its head still while it hovers wings beating every so often. This member of the falcon family is an amazing bird of… Read More ›


We meet again little Sparrow the time I put your food out is here, you wait patiently in the Holly tree sitting on the splintered branch. Your family watch you from my rooftop waiting for the sign, All is clear…. Read More ›

Ducksing on Ice

All these birds were giving a great show show for me when I arrived early on morning at Stanley Park near Blackpool. It was funny to see them still trying to land and walk on the Ice. Remember if it’s… Read More ›