Insects in Action

After capturing birds in flight, I had to try capturing a bumble bee, or wasp in flight too. I have seen so many insects in flight on the internet and was curious as to how they were captured. Whilst in… Read More ›

Think Outside The Box

Winter came. The migration had started. The hedgehog and squirrel fat reserves were good; cuddled up in their leafy, warm, snug homes. Time for a new challenge with the camera, and the Sony 85mm 1.8. With such a lovely, big… Read More ›

Action Photography

I find one of the most rewarding forms of photography is capturing the moment; anything from children playing, animals fighting, birds in action or a sports event. After a long time with a camera and lens I have adapted my… Read More ›

A Grateful Dawn

Wiping my eyes, looking across to a gap in the curtain, I see the sun shining. The unmistakable sound of the Song Thrush echoes above me. Another day in the life of the photographer begins. Camouflage I think for today,… Read More ›

My Owl Images

My first owl image was in 2013. I was two miles from my house when sighting of a short Eared Owl hit the grapevine. Whilst looking for Waxwings, a man informed me that he had seen an Owl hunting. Off… Read More ›