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Perfect Morning

I open my eyes and say thank you for being alive, my f stop is f4.5 as the sunlight hits my sensor my eyes I focus to another Sunrise. I stand again like so many times older now but ever so wise. Looking down at my Beautiful wife sound asleep in her peaceful life,dreaming of how we met so late in life every day so precious.

My steps are small as I make my way quickly to catch the mist on the lake not a ripple made, no movement there all asleep still I grab me gear heart beating fast. The legs still move good zig zagg past the wet mud making my way through the small dence Rowan wood.

I stop and kneel down a patch on the ground there is a Roe Deer here, I feel the earth still warm its not long gone seeking safety as I’m around. Its still dark in the woods no light breaking the canopy as I approach carefully the edge of the wood, light hitting me like Ruth has just opened the curtains to give more light for my photography.

The mist is clearing stealth mode kicks in my years of field craft, I use the path the sheep have made not to move another green blade of grass, glistening in the morning sunshine.

Sit and wait Ron scan the ground,

water and all the reeds so tall still as the night as a coot moves out checking its all clear. My fingers touch the buttons I have touched so many times from film to digital its just the same only the year is different. I look through at the beauty I have seen so many times the coots feathers all perfect in place face and beak like its just been painted.

My eyes scan the scene, water water reflections can be seen so I frame my wonderful coot and shoot one two 3.

O you look so good my little Coot overlooked for other birds but I see your beauty in your black and white plumage go now I will post your story later your image is lovely just as good as the Kingfisher or Barn Owl your all special to me bringing me happiness only I see.

I sit in total peace reflections of trees a mirror image me and the Coot know, morning silence broken by the Mobile the square in my pocket, ignore it Ron then here the words why didn’t you answer my call. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone why my peaceful world one I have sat in for many years when the mobile device had not been thought of.

Peace again my eyes look out over the hills of Cumbria, have I been there on my travels, have I left my footprints there, an Owl maybe or Brown Hare more wonders await me there. Lakes rivers and streams i have seen from the little river in Cheadle as a boy to to the River in Belize City with Crocodiles in.

The Indian ocean the first Dolphin I captured.

Concentrate Ron the call of the Buzzard breaks my silence and dreaming of days gone bay, come closer my beauty you fly so graceful wings just like Bella to give you flight o what a site you are. Will you see me down here camera pointing in your direction capturing your life as you look for food.

My life has been an Wildlife adventure as not many see but my effort rewarded by whom I don’t know, how good it feels to see your wings spread you could go anywhere sun on your back no looking back, no predator in tow.

Its very early still so I leave my reflective world of wonder, seeking more.

The River Great is low no rain for a while, tree roots dry forming rope like patterns intertwined through the force of the River current. Different from last year Ron, is there a spot for my bird so Blue to land, sit while I wait gear in hand

Its the sound of Water as it makes its way from the hills down stream takes me back to to the Loon, the Wenning. You first came into my sight in May 2014 as I walk the banks of the Loon, not knowing the flash of Blue would meet me so soon.

I found you with your orange breast sat in the morning 🌄. You looked even better through the lens moments like this are rare, so cherish it.

So my dream came true, you came to me as another gift of nature so wonderful seeing you so close, in all your glory.

So from my eyes opening focusing on the world outside I spent time with peace and quiet and birds so beautiful they bring happiness to my mind body and soul. No cost to bear just legs to get me there.

My Walk with Nature.

The Robin sits waiting on my decking, the nest box he used is empty his family out learning to look for food. He takes to the air the Red chest glowing as the morning Sun catches it. My pond has the first visit of the day by the young male chaffinch, he sips the water slowly his little neck stretching down off the grey slate he sees his reflection for the first time, thinkinh it is his mum coming to see him.

High in the pine tree the speckled chest beats fast as the Songthrush sings his latest chorus of different notes. He knows I am there with my camera listening to him, he looks down to watch me pass as he takes in a breath before his next melody.

It’s approaching that time of year when the formation of Greylag Geese arrive from afar. The sound is like their alarm telling you winter is coming. I find them grazing in a field, quietly I park my car and keep slowly looking at my surroundings looking for cover as I approach. There wise old birds having a look out at all times. I remember in the army that the Armoury and the Magazine a building holding Ammunition was guarded by Geese. You could not get within a 100 metres of the place. Do I creep forward camera ready. No moving as I crouch down to get ready and there is a sound of a Goose calling telling the others a Human is present.

Across the stream the old legs tread legs of repair, legs that once climbed a Volcano in Mexico, ran the 400 Metres in 50 secs, now given an lease of life. Movement to the left a flash of Blue and a call like a Owl or a Buzzard. Mr Jay fooled Ron years ago by having the ability to make sounds like other birds.

Rest for a while old chap there is no rush take in the fresh country air, sit on the big patch of moss tempting me like a soft blanket on a bed. Lie back look up through the canopy, blue sky close your eyes and dream of all the blue skies you have seen. From the Atlantic to the Caribbean, Canada to Cyprus, Austria to Berlin, London or Florida. Skies as a boy that were blue for months on end before we poluted the planet with jet streams.

The leaves on the Beach, Oak, Silver Birch, Rowan and Willow, leaves all shapes sizes and colour like the people I have met, different in colour with a different tongue. One floats down slowly it comes towards me lands on my chest. It rests on my heart like Jake saying hi dad you used to walk me through here come rain or shine.

Twig breaks alert again the military trained man located the sound and turns over onto his belly carefully resting his 600 beast in the palm of his hand. Blades of grass move as Red fur mixes into the green grass like a painting. Stay there my beauty pose for me.

Hello Ron.

My cubs are near you have never seen on have you, be still and I will bring one out for first Fox Cub a image that people will love to talk about instead of sadness of man’s sport to hunt me and my family.

My First Cub Image.

He spots me and his head tilts side to side just like a puppy trying to work out what is in the grass. Come back Son don’t trust Man. From his belly the long legs lift him up like scanning as he hears the Tawny owl calling in the evening sun. The Bluebells stretch out in Redstart Wood dancing like an opening ceremony at the Olympics changing shape as they close for the night.

The Oystercatcher cries out as he nears the young that fledged recently there in cover from the fox and me, just trying to eat the grass for tea. Turning to his right he catches sight of the white rump of the Roe Deer moving away with the sent he displays.

The ground is undulating. Just the track of the Hare that uses the same path in and out, looking for fresh grass spouting out. It’s as still as the night as Ron makes sight the light being just right. He takes sight the Fur brown shining bright in the evening light.

Ron’s Near.

Long tailed tits play in the beach tree following me as I make my way through the long grass, they hang from small tiny leaves quickly snapping up insects as they go. Little eyes that glow red ring round it as it looks below, stopping briefly to be captured on film, it’s for my Blog don’t you know.

How do I look.

I gaze up to see, my eye that’s seen many things, as a Blue Tit sings blue and white in its wings, Thistles are purple an green ready for the Goldfinch food again this summer it’s young it will bring.

My body still moves well not as it did when I moved over my the Assault cpurse, when I completed 3 Marathons 10 Half Marathons, but it is a wiser body now we have learned to respect it after years of abuse carrying 50lb packs on it, jumping from planes trusting the legs and back will take the impact.

A dash from the Stoat he seen me close, no image today you little cheecky rascal. Doves chase high up in the trees calling as they go trying to impress the female

My neck feels that chill that tells me another season will end soon, the nights will be cold. An image of the moon would be nice with a Tawny Owl flying past. An berry falls on the grass in front a rustle is heard as Mr Squirrel collects his harvest for the winter, he needs his fat reserves. I watch him hang like a bat or a monkey showing off for me, get one of me Ron, let them see me in the tree taken with your Sony.

It’s a Ten From me.

I have strolled along with total peace, sat and lay down listened to the animals making sounds all around. I am in heaven my birds singing for me as I make my way round this land where I walk free my children and me. Showing them what money or their mobile can’t give them. Hoping that the birds they hear will hit a cord one that will sound in later life. They to will walk round showing their children what’s in the trees and on the ground, where the Bluebells can be found, soft green moss like a blanket soft on the ground, not a sound can be heard. The mind cleansed by fresh air, it’s free don’t you know anytime of day.

I sit in my Hide make s brew on my little gas stove, a nice cup of tea my camera and me. As I sip my brew the water from the pond is like a mirror trees at the end of the hide area look so nice, then a little visitor arrives. He sits for a while then looks down to see another bird looking back at him. Hello my friend what are you doing hear, have you come for a drink like me. Or looking for seed that Ron brings us daily. He looks after us every year. Has you seen my Dad they left us weeks ago but I am strong and use the box Ron put up to roost in , it’s lovely and warm.

Hello Sister what you doing in there.

All the birds that sing and and call through the forest, echoes of joy make me so happy. It will add years to my life my best friend said. So I arrive back at my my lovely wife Ruth greets me. Then I sit next to our Bella who gets eye contact with me. She wants to learn more sayings or nursery rhymes.